slide-5Why start a toothbrush company?

Hello! I’m Jeff. I started Pop Dental over 3 years ago after spending 15+ years in the fashion business. Fusing fashion and technology was my goal and the results have been fantastic! Building on the best existing technology then adding design, color, and better functionality took some time but it was worth it.

We love the product we created and are so happy that thousands of people like us are starting to brush their teeth more frequently and for longer periods of time just because they love their toothbrush!

We set out to create a more energy efficient brush, one that provided more focused power but lasted longer on a single charge. With our brush you get 30-40% more power than Sonicare or Oral B but with no splatter when you take it out of your mouth, and the charge will last you a minimum of 2 months!

We set out determined to make the best Sonic Toothbrush in the world. Not just that, but the coolest looking ones, too. And that’s exactly what we did!

Jeff,  Pop Dental

Why Sonic is Better

Today, we can honestly say our ProSonic toothbrush is as good (or better) than both Oral B and Sonicare, with the following specs:

Better Toothbrush
PopDental is a BETTER Toothbrush than Sonicare.
Less Expensive
LESS EXPENSIVE. Proof: 25% more VPM, 50% lighter and around $30 cheaper.
BONUS: It looks fabulous!

You can purchase your Sonic Toothbrush here, on our website!

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Here we are, 2 years later, and we’re already being carried in Nordstrom and Ulta stores nationwide, with other great retail partnerships being announced soon. And in 2015 we’re expanding internationally. Wow!


PopDental is headquartered in the heartland of America – Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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